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    • Awesome, now I grind for more pets.!
    • Woot! Goodluck everyone!   -ill see what I can do.
    • End Date: November 1, 2017 / 12:00 AM -8:00 Pacific Since we've finally made progress with the server, I'm proud to announce that I'm going to be hosting our first official server event. As a new server coming up from the ground, we will need to start becoming more active on the discord server, meaning players could chat on two different applications. With this event, you have a chance to win some pretty great prizes if you win! How Things Will Work: As for our discord server, you will create an invitation link and it will be monitored by us. The user with the most invites will receive a prize from the discord list. Our discord server: How To Get Discord Invite Link: First, you must be join in our Discord server at . Second, look on the top left corner of the application, if you're currently in our discord server, you will see our name "Divine RSPS". Third, select the drop down arrow next to our name, and selected the "Invite People" option. Fourth, copy the link and have people join us!  Discord Invite Rewards: First Place Legendary Donator Rank + 75 Donator Points + 200,000,000 Gold Coins Second Place Extreme Donator Rank + 50 Donator Points + 100,000,000 Gold Coins Third Place Super Donator Rank + 25 Donator Points + 75,000,000 Gold coins Fourth Place Regular Donator Rank + 10 Donator Points + 40,000,000 Gold Coins  
    • nice work dude!
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